Comfort In Remote Wilderness

The remote Tsiu (pronounced "sigh-you") River is internationally acclaimed as the optimum silver salmon fishing river in the state of Alaska.  You will be able to sight cast to literally thousands of chrome bright and aggressive Silver Salmon (Coho) fresh out of the surf from the Gulf of Alaska.

The Tsiu is approximately 250 miles east of Anchorage, and about 100 miles east of Cordova. It is accessible only by aircraft.

At the Tsiu flows into the surf this unique beach area allows you to see for miles and enjoy a driftwood-strewn beach, grassy sand dunes, a salmon-filled river, a vibrant, plant-filled marsh, steep, snowcapped mountains and the great Bering Glacier in one sweeping 360 degree panoramic view.

In addition to the silver salmon, you might find a pink salmon, dolly varden char, or a steelhead trout on the end of your line. 
The Tsiu “Lost Coast” area is home to brown bear, moose, wolves, trumpeter swans, sandhill cranes, eagles, numerous species of ducks and geese, mink, martin, ermin (short-tailed weasels), voles, beaver, river otters, seals, and numerous species of song birds, shore birds, hummingbirds and raptors. The diversity is incredible!