The Wade Fisherman's Dream


What makes the Tsiu River the best silver salmon river in Alaska? First, the sheer number of fish, and the run is very stable.  You will be fishing a gravel and sand bottom stream that is very easy and safe to wade. There are no slippery rocks or swift water to contend with. You will sight cast to chrome-bright fish just as they come in from the surf. The gin-clear water varies between two and five feet in depth, so you can walk almost anywhere in the river wearing chest waders. Fly-fisherman, using a combination of streamers, "flash" flies, and big dry flies skated across the pools, will be astounded at the numbers of fish hooked up. Casting and spinning gear fisherman will catch these huge silvers primarily on spoons and spinners.

Click the photo below and experience a short scenic flight with Alaska Expedition Lodge to the true remote wilds of Alaska. 

Enjoy our scenic flight and engulf yourself in the true beauty of Alaska. The mighty snow capped Chugach Mountains tower the vast coastal grasslands of The Gulf of Alaska as the Worlds Largest Glacier, The Bering Glacier pours from Wrangell St. Elias National Park reminding you true remoteness does infact exist. Finally, touch down on the pristine beaches of our famed home river, The TSIU River, Alaska's largest silver salmon run and our summer home. We welcome you and yours to our summer escape and look forward to providing you with a true Alaskan adventure.